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Lewd Conduct Police Sting
High Court Backs Gays

Lewd Conduct Arrests Questionable

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"My focus is on Human and Civil Rights law with particular attention to the legal problems that Gays encounter because of their sexuality.

I have over 30 years of expertise involving issues of Police Entrapment, Internet Stings, Discriminatory Sex Registration as well as possession of contraband materials."

Bruce W. Nickerson

Focusing on Human & Civil Rights of Gay Persons

The leading authority in the area of police lewd conduct entrapment of gays. Bruce Nickerson has handled over one thousand cases throughout California from the Municipal Court level to the California Supreme Court.


Watch Bruce & Bill O'Reilly's TV Interview


Bruce explains how many men are pleading guilty in
police sting operations when no crime has been committed
to Long Beach Talk Show Host, John Trapper

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Double Standards, Falsehoods and Ignorance of the Law make Lewd Conduct Arrests Questionable

High Court Backs Gays Against Police Sting

A special primer for attorneys regarding lewd conduct cases

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